We help crop farmers grow

For over 10 years our team have provided expert advice to farmers and agricultural enterprises in the CEE region. Our team is dedicated to create a better farming culture in Europe.

Žemdirbių Konsultacijos, founded in 2008, is a company specialized in agricultural consulting (farm management, fertilizer & pesticide optimization and other services) and development of smart agriculture tools. Established in Kaunas, Lithuania, the company currently consists of 6 experts from a wide range of fields - agronomy, electronical engineering, finance & business management.

The company works with 16 farms covering over 54,000 hectares of arable land in the CEE region.




 “After the first meeting with Ernestas I understood that he’s an ace in his field. He speaks fluent Russian, understands our country, the history of collective farming that affects our way of work to this day. And most importantly – somehow manages to pass on the agricultural knowledge in a simple and understandable way. The knowledge that they have is undeniable. He managed to convince us, that our lands can have yields not worse than in Europe.

After working with “Žemdirbių Konsultacijos”, the farm was able to increase thei yield up to 5.5 t / ha, by more than 3 tonnes per hectare compared to historical yields. And we only applied around 30-40% of the recommendations from the experts”

Elina Shaer, manages 33,000 hectares of land