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Smart agrometer - nutritional information at the time plants need it the most


Crop growth is highly dependent on nutrition - and by nutrition, we mean a balanced and optimized nutrition of all necessary micro and macroelements.

A plant takes only what it needs, and the excess remains in the soil. And if there's a deficiency of even the smallest particle of a micronutrient - the plant will not be able to grow and yield crops as it would if the nutrition were balanced. This has been defined by Augustus Liebig in the 19th century and it still holds true today. 

Fertilization is important, but optimal fertilization is vital. We are creating a tool for farmers to understand what their plant needs instantly - enabling them to provide with the nutrients it requires at the time it requires them.

Project development

The company has started to develop the tool back in 2006, at first as a hobby project. After numerous lab tests and in-field practical applications, a testable prototype has been developed. The method - analyzing the reflected spectrum from the leaves of a plant. 

Our experts have determined, that by comparing the spectra reflected from older and younger leaves, it is possible to determine nutritional information in a plant - and each of the macro and microelements have a different reflected spectrum. This has been confirmed by testing with real clients in actual farms.

In 2017, the Company has received financing for a further feasibility study for the potential commercialization of the device from the SME Instrument Phase I programme, Grant Agreement No. 790820. 

Continued development of the tool is envisaged and potential commercialization and access to consumers is estimated from 2021.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 790820


Funding tool

Project duration

Horizon 2020

SME Instrument Phase I

April 2018 - October 2018

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